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Based on the Forest School approach and set within the fabulous gardens of Ballymaloe House, ECO Preschool is one of the first outdoor preschools in Cork. The children spend the whole day outside enjoying a unique experience and education.


They connect with nature; get the fresh air and exercise they need; develop their communication, imagination and thinking skills; build their confidence and resilience, but most importantly, have lots of fun.


The children take part in a huge variety of activities, such as building dens, making leaf pictures, creating fantasy worlds, cooking in mud kitchens, and caring for the environment, as well as having plenty of opportunity for free exploration of the natural world around them. The teaching staff are very well qualified, with a passion for outdoor learning, and understand how to cover all areas of the Early Years curriculum in an exciting hands-on way that children love.


ECO Preschool provides children with the opportunity to spend their preschool days in the natural environment rather than in a classroom, experiencing the seasons first hand and developing their innate curiosity and love of learning.

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